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Newsletter March 2016

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NEWSLETTER  March 2016 – Museum opening

I am writing this a few hours before the museum re-opens for the 2016 season.  The new hangar which we had planned to get erected during the winter is finally happening following the wettest winter on record.  Appalling ground conditions meant that we could not get the site prepared any earlier.  The new children’s play area has been installed but will not be accessible until the hangar construction is complete.  HOWEVER none of the remainder of the museum is affected and usual access around the museum buildings is unimpeded.  There are various new displays and exhibits.


The museum will be closed from Mon 11th April till Fri 29th April inc to allow us to complete work on the hangar and hopefully get the displays installed.  This should include our aircraft and some of the vehicles that have been stored off site.

We look forward to meeting visitors, new and returning, in the coming year and we pray for a real summer.

Pictures taken on 17th March showing the hangar under construction.


Steve & Sheila Perry

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