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Newsletter July 2014

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THIS COMING WEEKEND – 26th and 27th July 14


Our newest major exhibit has now arrived. Built in 1956 the Hawker Hunter F6 spent the early part of its life with 111 Sqdn who flew Hunters as the Black Arrows aerobatic display team – before the formation of todays renowned Red Arrows. The Hunter was brought to the museum from Wellington, Somerset, after a tricky lifting operation by a very large crane. Transported to the museum on a low-loader it then had to be carefully lifted off by another crane, placed in position and the wings re-attached. The current location is not its final position however as it will be moved to another part of the museum when a suitable base has been prepared. At some point in this process it will be thoroughly cleaned and then re-painted in its final colours.

Leaving Wellington for its new home at Davidstow

Unloaded at Davidstowand awaiting re-assembly

Re-assembly begins!



Last month we had a photo of one of our stalwart volunteers, John, pressure-washing the radar. That phase has now been completed and any remaining rusty patches have been sanded down. Painting has now commenced with the familiar red and white chequered pattern. There is still a long way to go – but at least we are moving in the right direction and it’s one step nearer to having the radar head rotate.

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