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This is not your usual type of museum and it certainly isn’t a large grey building with all the exhibits neatly arranged on shelf after shelf in glass cabinets - ask any of our visitors!

The Davidstow Airfield and Cornwall at War Museum (usually known by the shorter title Cornwall at War Museum) is located on part of the old WW2 airfield RAF Davidstow Moor.  The museum, which covers about two acres, officially opened in June 2008 with just a few buildings and artifacts but since then has grown year by year. There are now 18 separate buildings (including four of the original buildings from the 1940s) and literally thousands of items for the visitor to see as well as other larger exhibits in the museum grounds.  Although extensive information is displayed about this former RAF station (from its opening on 1st October 1942 until its closure at the end of 1945) there is a very definite tri-service theme throughout the museum. Individual buildings have displays and information on every RAF station that existed in Cornwall together with coverage of the Royal Navy (including the Royal Marines and Fleet Air Arm) and the British Army.  Civilian activities are not forgotten either as many displays show the part that they played in various conflicts.  Not just British Forces either as American and German artifacts are also on display.  Although the emphasis is largely on WW2 there are exhibits covering both WW1 and the Falklands.  (In case you are wondering, Davidstow Moor was used for training purposes prior to the Falklands conflict).

The starting point of a visit to the Cornwall at War Museum is the cinema which has a film showing how the museum started – useful for comparing the images of the previously derelict buildings with what you will see later on!  Most of the buildings have audio/video systems which will increase both your understanding of the content and also your enjoyment of the visit.

Further information about the museum can be found here on the website and if you are thinking of visiting (but are not yet quite sure) then you might want to read some of the comments made on the page titled “Visitor Comments”.  Just click on the button above.

Finally, we should inform you that next to us there is another, smaller, museum. This can be confusing for visitors so to ensure that you find us, please drive though the blue double gates in front of you and then on to the car park inside.

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